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Tim Heidecker is releasing an entire album of Trump songs

(Photo: Getty Images, Alberto E. Rodriguez)

Lately, Tim Heidecker has transformed himself into a prolific political songwriter, turning the Trump administration’s many horrifying follies into darkly funny/unsettling tracks, and now he has collected an entire album of Trump songs in honor of the upcoming anniversary of his very first one—”Trump Tower,” a mournful ballad written in the days after Trump won the presidency. Titled Too Dumb For Suicide, the album also includes the Jimmy Buffet-esque “Mar A Lago,” a groovy ode to punching Nazis in “Richard Spencer,” and a particularly harrowing cover of Heidecker’s “Trump’s Private Pilot” from Father John Misty.

In a press release, Heidecker said that most of the songs were written quickly, “with the blood still boiling from whatever indignity or absurdity” had popped up in his newsfeed that day. He also adds, “Let’s hope I don’t write any more of these, but I probably will.”


Too Dumb For Suicide will be available on November 8 (naturally), and you can hear “Sentencing Day” and see the album art—from Eric Yahnker—below.

(Image: Eric Yahnker)

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