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Tim Heidecker's On Cinema universe just got even bigger

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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What began as a satirical movie review podcast between Tim Heidecker and Gregg “Neil Hamburger” Turkington has since blossomed into a sprawling, peripatetic narrative spanning TV spin-offs, a televised court case, numerous Twitter accounts, a band, and a feature film, Mister America. So elaborate is the On Cinema universe that an entire website exists to unspool its many knots, nearly all of which find film buff Gregg bucking against Tim’s MAGA-inspired grifting so as to keep the show about movies.

Movies remain a part of the franchise’s latest effort, a shoddy TV network that was announced amidst last night’s Disney news dump. Called HEI Network, it promises around-the-clock programming around topics like cars, health, faith, and fatherhood, as well as original Minions content. “We will be licensing the Minions Characters to develop original programming around the lives of the various Minions Characters,” promises Tim in the below introduction video. “We love the Minions on Hei Inc. and so will you!” (Please note the site’s many Minions.)

Fans of the franchise will see plenty of familiar faces on the network’s site, from Tim’s new wife and former campaign manager, Toni Newman, to actor Joe Estevez, who will henceforth be known as Joe “Money” Estevez, a stock market expert. Gregg, however, is notably absent from the site’s movie section; instead, Tim’s Dekkar bandmate, Axiom, now known as “Mister Movies,” will be serving as chief critic. Gregg, as you can imagine, is not pleased.


Tim, meanwhile, has made it clear that Gregg will “not be involved in any way,” though, as fans of the series, we imagine he’ll find a way onto On Cinema’s as-yet-unannounced 13th season, which this HEI site may or may not be indicating is on the way. (Fingers crossed.)


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