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“Former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge needs your help to go to space” is a pretty fun sentence to write, so we’re happy to report that, today, it also happens to be true. DeLonge recently announced the launch of his new aerospace/research company, To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science, which is seeking investors for the development of a its first major project, an “ElectroMagnetic Vehicle to Travel instantaneously through Space, Air and Water by engineering the fabric of Space-Time.”


And while that sounds like a random bit of copy-paste from old internet sensation Time Cube, DeLonge and his associates would like you to know that To The Stars’ goals are all very serious. To that end, the company also released a more general promotional video for itself earlier this week, full of talking heads from old white guys with impressive, screen-filling titles like “Former Senior Intelligence Service CIA/Directorate Of Operations,” and also a few shots of Egyptians pyramids and UFOs, just so you don’t forget where DeLonge is actually coming from with all this stuff.

But To The Stars isn’t just looking to launch people into space to hunt down and befriend aliens; it’s also interested in a wide variety of research directions, stuff like “Genetics,” “Computer-Brain Interfaces,” “Warp Drive Metrics,” and “Entertainment.” The last one is especially important, because TTS isn’t just pushing back the boundaries of hieroglyphic science and space cars; it’s also a “cinematic entertainment” company, the better to get regular people interested in big, important questions like “Why not just do a Kickstarter?” or “What’s my age, again?”

To The Stars is currently actively seeking investors, allowing all of us regular folks to get in on the ground floor of DeLonge’s space-faring schemes. (And honestly, we’re really pulling for them to succeed, if only because it would be hilarious for future articles about the history of space exploration to contain the phrase “former Blink-182 guitarist.”) They’re presumably looking for a series of bigger donations to get their plans off the ground, but we’re sure all the small things will be appreciated, too.

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