After a few detours into spiritual uplift with Slumdog Millionaire and the London Olympic Games, Danny Boyle is getting back to what made him: films in which people with thick brogues screw each other over. Trance stars James McAvoy as an art auctioneer who conspires with art thief Vincent Cassel to steal a famous painting, only to double-cross Cassel mid-robbery, then get smacked in the head for it. Following Flintstones logic, that injury leaves McAvoy with suspiciously selective amnesia regarding where he stashed the loot, forcing him to work with hypnotherapist Rosario Dawson to recover the memory—only Dawson is actually in league with Cassel, and her digging into McAvoy’s brain unleashes a lot of crazy, reality-blurring things to which Boyle can apply his usual dizzying camera tricks. So far the film is only scheduled for a March release in the UK, at least until someone hits the UK over the head and steals it.