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Trump announces that he's holding a Fake News awards show, and we think we've got a shot

(Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Donald Trump—apparently still fussy from whatever a large baby with a gold fetish and access to nuclear weapons does on a New Years Eve—went off on one hell of a Twitter tangent today, bragging about the size of his doomsday button, claiming credit for airplanes failing to plummet from the skies, and even announcing a new “awards show” on his favorite topic: “Fake News.”


Specifically, Trump hopped on Twitter today to announce “THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR,” the only known awards show to naturally exist in an all-caps, angry grandpa-typing state. The “awards” will apparently be held next Monday at 5 p.m., giving us at The A.V. Club’s news team less than a week to put together a sure-fire portfolio of all the times that we’ve made fun of Trump’s stupid handshakes, troubled relationship with drinking water, and ugly facial expressions over his last year in his office. (Also, all those times he used the office of the President Of The United States to support racism, nationalism, and outright human evil.) And really, don’t we deserve a shot? What’ll it take, Donald? Making fun of your little hands? Your monster robot? Your love of big trucks? Give us a chance here, man.

Meanwhile, at least there’s one upside to this latest online tantrum; as noted by The Daily Show, this determination to hold the “awards” next week, directly after the Golden Globes, means that Trump apparently thinks the planet will still actually be here this time next Monday evening, despite the fact that he literally resorted today to taunting Kim Jong-Un about the size of their relative nuclear buttons.




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