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"Ethan, this is where we give away everything that's going on."

This Wayward Pines Spoiler Space is a place to for those who have read the book upon which the show is based. Any and all comments here are free to spoil whatever upcoming events have not yet occurred on the show, things we won’t discuss in the weekly reviews.

Given that the entirety of Wayward Pines is one big honking mystery, based on the first of a popular trilogy of books, we wanted to ensure those of you eager to discuss how the shows treats its source material have a place to do so. This is that place. Here, you can feel free to let fly thoughts on upcoming storylines, discuss changes from the book to the series, or even just rattle off events you’re looking forward to watching unfold. Even though these ten episodes are limited to the events of the first book, Fox is no doubt hoping it does well enough to bring it back for the next two installments, so go right ahead and talk about those, too, if you so desire.


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