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Out of all the imagery that’s come out of the upcoming fourth season of Netflix’s techno-horror anthology Black Mirror, the most eye-catching stuff has been the bright primary colors and old-school sci-fi look of “USS Callister.” Charlie Brooker and company are clearly attempting to invoke the aesthetics of the original Star Trek to further their dark designs, right down to the mini-skirted uniforms for the titular ship’s female crew. Given that this is Black Mirror, though, the question lurking under all this shiny retro cheese is an obvious one: Where does this all go bad?

Netflix released a trailer for the episode today, hinting at the shadows lingering under the sheen. Sure, there are goofy bad guys and a set that wouldn’t look out of place at the famous Vasquez Rocks. But we also have a clearly disoriented Cristin Milioti as the ship’s “new crew member,” getting worriedly shushed when she attempts to point out the absurdity of the situation. And at the center of it all, there’s Captain Daly, played by Jesse Plemons, that master of the cheerfully dead-eyed TV psychopath. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wait until next year, when the show’s fourth season is expected to premiere, to find out what he’s hiding under that boisterous, Kirk-riffing exterior.


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