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We were wrong: You will never outlive Ray Donovan

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Okay, fess up: Who went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and chanted “Ray Donovan” 17 times while burning the special incense that smells like Jon Voight’s neck? Because it’s happened, it’s really fucking happened, and just when we thought we were safe: Ray Donovan is back, and he’s getting his own movie at Showtime.


Now, to be fair, this isn’t 100 percent of a shock, in so far as the series’ showrunner, David Hollander, was pretty vocally unhappy about the abrupt end of the Liev Schreiber Hollywood/crime show, which retroactively had its seventh-season finale dubbed its series finale by Showtime early last year. (Hollander was especially unhappy because he’d ended the show pretty satisfyingly at the end of the sixth season, and then embarked on a two-season plan when Showtime asked him to bring it back.) And, as it turns out, the series was ultimately destined to Liev again, with Schreiber set to both co-write and star in the film revival, which will be directed by Hollander.

Hell, they won’t even call it a “finale” movie, opening up the possibility that a Ray Donovan cinematic universe is now in the works, keeping Schreiber in nondescript suits, and Voight in cheap necklaces and garbage political opinions, for years to come. The film will, understandably, build on the cliffhangers from the show’s final episode, which saw Ray—a Hollywood “fixer” shaped exactly like TV star Liev Schrieber—attempting to track down his dad Mickey (Voight), while also working in “Ray and Mickey’s origin story from 30 years ago” for all the Ray Donovan lore fanatics in the audience. Kerris Dorsey, who plays certified Ray-spawn Bridget, is also slated to star in the film, which is tentatively set to begin filming later this year.

The Ray Donovan movie will air on Showtime, and for years afterward in our grim and eternally troubled sleep.