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Wes Anderson releases a gorgeous stop-motion tease for tomorrow's Isle Of Dogs trailer

Over the last few years, we’ve come to roll our eyes, with good reason, as the “teaser for the trailer” trend, in which marketers attempt to build anticipation for the thing designed to build anticipation for a major film. That being said, most teases don’t feature intricate stop-motion animation or gorgeous night-time city-scapes, so we’re a little more favorably inclined to this promo for Wes Anderson’s upcoming film Isle Of Dogs, the full trailer for which will arrive tomorrow.

The film—Anderson’s second animated feature, after Fantastic Mr. Fox—will star Bryan Cranston, Greta Gerwig, Bill Murray, and a number of Anderson’s other favorites, and center on a young boy searching the titular island for his lost pooch. The film is expected to gently quirk its way into theaters with a March 2018 release.


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