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Wrestler Mick Foley asks Vince McMahon to boot Donald Trump from the WWE Hall Of Fame

Donald Trump, Vince McMahon
Two human men who are not wax mannequins (Donald Trump and Vince McMahon)
Photo: Mark A. Wallenfang (Getty Images)

In the sort of exciting development that’s normally saved for one of the bigger wrestling events, Mick Foley has jumped into the proverbial ring and come out swinging (metaphorically) against Donald Trump. It’s not the sort of matchup we would necessarily pay to see, but we would consider checking it out if, say, a friend had already paid and we didn’t need to be briefed on any overly convoluted wrestling storylines or anything. Foley has spent the last two days going hard against Trump on Twitter, as most of us have, with his most stand-out tweet coming in the midst of the right-wring terrorists’ occupation of the Capitol building yesterday when he asked WWE boss—and longtime Trump buddy—Vince McMahon to kick Trump out of the WWE Hall Of Fame:


Trump was inducted in 2013 by McMahon himself, joining previous celebrity honorees Pete Rose, Mike Tyson, and Drew Carey (no offense to Drew Carey, there just wasn’t a third example along those same lines). As noted by Politico a few years ago, Trump declared at the ceremony that the honor was bigger than “having the highest ratings on TV, being a best-selling author, or getting a spot on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.” See, here’s something that not a lot of people know about Trump: He really, really, really, really, really cares about what people think of him. Not in the sense that he wants people to like him, though, because a person like that would try and do things that they think will be popular. No, Trump wants people to like him for the things he’s going to do no matter what, because he wants to feel validated. We know he comes across as totally cool and confident all the time, so not everyone gets that there might be some insecurity deep in the black hole of megalomania where his heart is supposed to be, but we’re pretty sure this is a solid take.

Anyway, Vince McMahon weirdly hasn’t responded to Foley’s tweet yet, presumably because he’s already busy drawing up the wrestling equivalent of the articles of impeachment and not because he couldn’t care less, but Foley’s Twitter feed remains entertaining. Not only is he continuing to talk about the threats posed by Trump and his terrorist followers, but apparently him and Soleded O’Brien are current buddies and former neighbors! Denouncing the attempted coup is bringing people together.

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