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Zachary Quinto will also step into Leonard Nimoy’s role on In Search Of...

Star Trek Into Darkness (Photo: Paramount)

Zachary Quinto is once more preparing to follow in the late Leonard Nimoy’s footsteps. After succeeding the original Spock in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, Quinto has just signed on to another revival of In Search Of..., the iconic paranormal investigation series Nimoy hosted in the ’70s.

The History network has green-lit a 10-episode season that will be hosted and executive produced by Quinto. “In the spirit of my late dear friend Leonard Nimoy, we intend to honor and perpetuate his endless curiosity about the world—and universe—in which we live,” Quinto said via press release. Nimoy himself took over for Rod Serling, who narrated the three specials that spawned the spin-off. In Search Of... was briefly revived in 2002 by Syfy (née the Sci-Fi Channel), with The X-Files’ Mitch Pileggi as host.


The new In Search Of... will delve into familiar territory, like UFO sightings and paranormal mysteries, while also exploring more timely hooks, like the Pentagon recently acknowledging its own secret UFO investigations program that ceased operations in 2012.

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