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Zack Snyder, please explain yourself

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Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

A true visionary artist should never have to explain his work. Which is why it feels entirely within reason to ask Zack Snyder: sir, what the fuck is this?


Let us join now our hands and walk through This together because without peer support, it is unclear if your mind can handle the slow-dawning realization of what This is, and also the very strong possibility that Zack Snyder is fucking with you—that even expressing aloud what This is on the internet is exactly what he wants. It is a trap. And yet, we begin the journey: This is, first and foremost, a photo from the Snyder Cut of Justice League—a piece of revisionist media willed into existence by a very vocal and highly-agitated fanbase. In the foreground there is a Joker card, and in the background it appears we have the Joker, played in this corner of the DC movie universe by professional ACT-or and probable cult leader Jared Leto, who is tagged—along with Suicide Squad director David Ayer—in this tweet.

Is the man in the background actually Jared Leto? Unclear. Literally. Because he is out of focus. He appears to have longer hair, and his eyes and mouth are very suggestive of—yes, The Crow, but ALSO, and we know this is really hard to admit which is why we’re doing this together: Heath Ledger’s Joker. This of course leads us into the speculation-trap that Zack Snyder has set: Is Jared Leto playing Heath Ledger’s Joker in the Snyder Cut? Is it an homage that will remain out of focus, or is Leto actually doing Ledger in an effort to bridge the gap between his trash king Joker in Suicide Squad and The Dark Knight? Surely (!?!?!) no one here reanimated Heath Ledger with CGI—that’s a Lucasfilm move.

One thing is clear. Zack Snyder has won.