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We may earn a commission from links on this page

A comedian has designed personal websites to suit every internet user

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

These days, everyone loves to internet, but not everyone internets the same way. With that in mind, a comedian named Mark Vigeant has designed multiple personal websites for himself that will each appeal to a different kind of interneter. That way, everybody can learn about Mark Vigeant in whatever style works best for them.

There’s the standard MarkVigeant.com, which he bills as a “’normal’ site for ‘normal’ people to digest ‘normal’ content.” If you’d like a little more edge, try MarkVigeant.co, which is a “disruptive take” that’s “perfect for start-up guys, javascript ninjas, and tech aficionados.” MarkVigeant.net is a Geocities-style nostalgia trip for people who think the internet is too advanced, and MarkVigeant.us dreams of “making comedy great again.”


Things get a little less useful from there. MarkVigeant.lol’s feed might give you a nice buzz when its content goes viral, MarkVigeant.info looks like something pulled from WikiLeaks, and MarkVigeant.biz is a great way to support local businesses. Finally, if the boss isn’t looking over your shoulder, check out MarkVigeant.xxx. That’s where things get saucy.

Vigeant says more pages are in the works, but as he explains on the site, “domains are fucking expensive lol.” You can try every flavor of Mark Vigeant at MarkVigeant.directory. At the very least, check out the MIDI version of “Sweet Home Alabama” on MarkVigeant.net. It’s great.