David Cronenberg (Photo: Getty Images, Robin Marchant)

Way back in 2011, the Weinstein Company announced that it was developing a TV adaptation of David Cronenberg’s 1981 sci-fi film Scanners—probably best known these days as the origin of that GIF where a guy’s head explodes. That TV show never happened, as evidenced by the fact that we never got a whole new generation of GIFs where a guy’s head explodes, and now the rights have been picked up Bron Studios and Media Res. According to Deadline, the new owners are also hoping to turn the movie into a TV show, but it doesn’t sound like they’ve offered any more details beyond that.

GIFs aside, the original Scanners was about a secret society of people with telekinetic powers and the evil organization that tried to take advantage of them, but all of that was just in service of sweet exploding heads. Also, for the record, Media Res was founded by former HBO drama head Michael Ellenberg, who helped bring shows like Westworld, Big Little Lies, and True Detective to the network.