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Apple doesn't want any naughty bits in its original TV shows

(Photo: Getty Images, Chesnot)

If there are three things that make a TV show popular, it’s nudity, violence, and cuss words. Game Of Thrones constantly has all three, Breaking Bad had spurts of the latter two, and The Walking Dead is nothing but violence, but Apple has absolutely no interest in replicating shows like that for its future collection of original streaming content. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has supposedly decreed that “every show must be suitable for an Apple Store,” meaning that it should all be the sort of things that a kid wouldn’t be scarred by. The story also says that Apple has specifically rejected “edgier fare” because of this, including “an eight-part program produced by Gravity filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón and starring Case Affleck.” Apple has also cut “foul languages and references to vaginal hygiene” from some of its Carpool Karaoke episodes.

What Apple does want, though, is “comedies and emotional dramas with broad appeal” like This Is Us and the Amazing Stories revival coming from Steven Spielberg and Bryan Fuller. We still don’t really know where or when we’ll be able to see this original content, and some studios are apparently disappointed in how conservative Apple is being, but Apple will probably figure out what it’s doing and convince millions of people to like it eventually.


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