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Beyoncé and Solange prove that nobody can interview a Knowles like a Knowles

(Photo: Getty Images, Chime For Change, Gucci, Kevin Mazur)
(Photo: Getty Images, Chime For Change, Gucci, Kevin Mazur)

Seeing as how sibling rivalry is a pretty common thing, it seems like it would be weird to be Solange. She’s a popular and successful artist in her own right, but she’s still the younger sister of Beyoncé, one of the most popular and successful artists ever. If there is any rivalry between the two of them, though, it certainly doesn’t come through in the piece the two of them did together for Interview Magazine where Beyoncé interviews Solange.


Other than a few charming moments where Beyoncé acknowledges that it’s a little weird to interview her own sister, the article comes across as a very casual chat between two people who clearly care about each other a lot, and it’s fun to get a perspective from someone like Solange who knew Beyoncé before she was the superstar Beyoncé we know today. Mostly, though, the two talk about Solange’s album A Seat At The Table, which she says was heavily informed by the experience of growing up with Beyoncé and their mother. Solange says she sees the album as “storytelling” for their whole family, which is why she included appearances from their parents on the record—as well as rapper Master P, who both sisters agree is a lot like their father.

Beyoncé also asks about the origin of the song “Cranes In The Sky,” which Solange says was inspired by spending time in Miami eight years ago during a real estate boom. She had just gotten out of a relationship with the father of her son and was doing a lot of self-reflection, but whenever she’d go outside she’d see nothing but giant cranes building condos. She recognized the cranes as a metaphor for a transitional time in our country, with people more concerned about building up than “dealing with what was in front of us.” Solange believes the same thing is happening in the country now, which is what reminded her of the cranes.

The whole interview is worth reading, but this exchange at the end kind of sums up the whole thing:

Beyoncé: And, honestly, growing up, how did I do as a big sister?

Solange: You did a kickass job. You were the most patient, loving, wonderful sister ever. In the 30 years that we’ve been together, I think we’ve only really, like, butted heads…we can count on one hand.

Beyoncé: I was expecting something funny, but I’ll take it. Thank you.

You can read the Interview piece at this link.

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