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CBS smartly decides to cancel Wisdom Of The Crowd

(Photo: Diyah Pera/CBS)

According to Variety, CBS has decided not to give a full season to Jeremy Piven’s Wisdom Of The Crowd, the show about a crowdsourced vigilante app that apparently exists in a world where random strangers are more intelligent and trustworthy than they are in our reality. The show hasn’t been properly canceled yet, but Variety is confident that it won’t live past its initial 13-episode order, saying it’s “essentially canceled.”

The show has been the lowest-rated new drama on CBS, averaging 7.4 million viewers per episode, and those poor ratings were compounded by the fact that Wisdom Of The Crowd star Jeremy Piven is facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. That presumably made a full-season order extremely unlikely for CBS, especially when other new shows on the network like Young Sheldon have quickly taken off.


New comedy show Me, Myself, And I has also been removed from CBS’ schedule, so at least Wisdom Of The Crowd has some company.

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