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Another woman has accused Jeremy Piven of sexual assault

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Ad exec Tiffany Bacon Scourby has joined the growing list of women accusing Jeremy Piven of sexual assault. Scourby tells People she felt ready to talk about the alleged assault, which occurred 14 years ago, after actresses Ariane Bellamar and Cassidy Freeman recently came forward.

Scourby says she met Piven at a work event in New York in 2003. “He was very nice to me. He mentioned he was going to [tape an appearance on] Late Night with Conan O’Brien the next day and gave me his number and asked me to go with him as his guest,” she says. They met up a couple days later at the Trump International Hotel & Tower, where Piven was a guest. In the course of what Scourby says was a professional conversation, Piven claimed his publicist would be joining them in his room soon. But then the actor “jumped on top of me. I tried to push him off and he forced me to the ground,” Scourby tells the publication. Then “Piven exposed his genitals and began rubbing them against her body.” Scourby says the actor “held down” her hands and ejaculated “all over my white turtleneck.”


The ad exec then says she shoved him off of her and “ran down the short hallway to get to the door. I rubbed my chest against the wall to get his [semen] off of my sweater. I ran outside and hailed a cab and I just burst into tears. I cried the entire way back to my hotel.” Once she was in a cab, Scourby called a friend to tell them what happened. Later, while traveling home to Washington, D.C., Scourby says “I just cried on the train the whole way back.”

Piven has already denied Scourby’s allegation, giving People the following statement: “Let me be absolutely clear, this simply did not happen. I would never force myself on a woman, ever. I cannot speak as to why a person would create a story like this.” The actor’s rep claims if he were to take polygraph, it “would have clearly proven this allegation to be entirely fabricated, a complete lie. He’s now looking at legal options.”

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