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Edwin Jarvis

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Who he is: Edwin Jarvis

His power: No superpowers, but he’s an attentive butler, a good friend, and has a little bit of martial-arts training.


His story: As seen in Marvel’s Agent Carter, Jarvis was a member of the British military before and during World War II. He met his wife, Ana, but was dishonorably discharged when he forged a general’s signature trying to help Ana escape from the Nazis. Luckily, he had befriended Howard Stark at that point, who brought Jarvis and Ana to America and gave Jarvis a job as his butler. Years later, when Stark was working with SSR Agent Peggy Carter to recover some of his stolen inventions, Jarvis was enlisted to assist her in any way necessary. His familiarity with Stark and Stark’s work made him a valuably ally, as did his overall charm and friendliness. One of the stolen items Carter and Jarvis recovered was a vial of Steve Rogers’ blood, which Jarvis gave to Carter after the two of them stopped Johann Fennhoff from using a hypnotized Stark to destroy New York.

After his season-one adventure with Peggy Carter, Jarvis moved to Los Angeles with Stark and gradually became bored with his regular butler routine. Thus, when Peggy showed up and began investigating the mysterious Zero Matter for the SSR, he jumped at the chance for another adventure. The two crossed paths with the superpowered villain Whitney Frost, with Jarvis once again proving himself to be surprisingly invaluable.

At some point after that, Howard Stark had a son, Tony, and he and Jarvis became close. When Tony’s parents (Howard and Maria) were assassinated by The Winter Soldier, Jarvis raised Tony by himself, and the younger Stark later named an extremely competent artificial intelligence after him.

Played by: James D’Arcy

Currently, Jarvis is: In the modern timeline, he’s dead. It’s unclear how that happened or what adventures he had in between Agent Carter and his death, though.

Where will we see him next? We probably won’t, barring an unlikely Agent Carter revival.