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Can there be any title more damning than “fake clown”? But that’s the mark of shame being levied against some New York based faux-entertainers tonight, after the power of local radio forced them to crack and admit that a planned protest against Warner Bros.’ current horror hit It was actually a paid promotional stunt.

This is all courtesy of New York’s 710 WOR Radio, which brought self-described “angry clown” John Nelson on the air today to talk about his planned protest against the film. Nelson initially claimed that It has been detrimental to the clowning business, by propagating old stereotypes that clowns are evil, or scary, or enjoy devouring small children.


But with what sounds like just a little bit of prodding, Nelson’s resolve apparently broke, and he admitted that he’d been hired to organize the protest as a stunt. “You’ve exposed me,” he said. “Look, this is gonna get me in a little bit of trouble. We were hired to do this for promotional purposes.”
Juggling the last shreds of his honor and dignity, though, Nelson refused to name names, although we have to assume that there was some Warner Bros. or New Line-affiliated PR firm pulling his strings. (Neither group reportedly responded to requests for comment, although the “protest” apparently still occurred.)

Anyway, let this stand as a reminder to us all: Clowns are scary, sure. But not as scary as the looming specter of deceit.

[via NBC News 4]

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