The Whale | Official Trailer HD | A24

Although Charlie’s main focus in making amends is Ellie, she’s not the only person in his life he’s distanced from. When Charlie teaches a virtual crew of English students, he keeps his camera off— the college kids only experience him as a disembodied voice echoing from a black screen marked “Instructor.” But his care for watching them succeed and treating them with kindness is palpable in his speech, even in the brief class scene the trailer shows.


The new trailer also allows Charlie some moments of levity amid the pain—namely, a sweet and giggly moment with his caregiver Liz (Hong Chau). Nothing, however, changes the somber overarching tone of the project. Charlie is making amends at what he clearly feels to be the end of his life and trying to put a little more goodness out into the world while he has the chance.

The Whale, which is playing in select theaters now, will see a nationwide release just ahead of the holidays, on December 21.