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FXX orders a fifth and final season of You're The Worst

You’re The Worst (Photo: FX Networks)

The season finale of FXX’s You’re The Worst is on tonight, but the network isn’t even going to make anyone sit through it before revealing that it won’t really be the end for Jimmy and Gretchen. Unfortunately, though, the end is actually in sight now. That’s because FXX has picked up You’re The Worst for a fifth and final season, meaning the show will be coming to an end at some point in 2018. This comes from Variety, which quotes showrunner Stephen Falk as saying that making the show “has been an incredible experience” and that the people at FX Networks have been “dream partners.” He went on to say that he’s thankful for the chance to now be “thoroughly judged” on whether or now they manage to “stick the landing—which is a thing people say now that stupid Breaking Bad had to end so damn perfectly.”

It’s possible that he’s implying the show will end similarly to Breaking Bad, with a robot machine gun in the trunk of a car and one last walk through an upscale meth lab, but that seems unlikely.


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