Get Involved, Internet: Join the fight to save The Expanse 

A lot of TV shows have been canceled over the past week or so, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine and (to a lesser extent) Last Man Standing have recently proven that a cancellation isn’t necessarily the end of a TV series. With those two shows having already been saved, fans of Syfy’s The Expanse are trying to kickstart a grassroots campaign to convince Amazon Studios to resurrect the sci-fi drama series. The Expanse’s Reddit community has organized multiple attempts to draw attention to the critically acclaimed show and drum up some support, with a petition to either Amazon or Netflix already shooting past 65,000 signatures and both George R.R. Martin and Patton Oswalt both talking about how great The Expanse was on Twitter:

The fans have also hired an airplane to fly over Amazon Studios’ California headquarters with a banner reading “#SaveTheExpanse,” and a member of the crew has posted on Facebook that Netflix decided to pass on the show but Amazon is reportedly still interested. At this point, anyone who wants more of The Expanse should probably be sharing a lot of Expanse-related hashtags and doing everything they can to remind Amazon that both George R.R. Martin and Patton Oswalt like the show, so making them happy would probably also make a lot of Amazon subscribers happy.

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