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Gone Baby Gone TV pilot to be here, baby, here at Fox

(Screenshot: MovieClips Trailer Vault/YouTube)

Just when you thought that baby was gone, Fox is bringing it back again; Entertainment Weekly reports that the network has just ordered a pilot for a TV version of Ben Affleck’s Oscar-nominated directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone. Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, the series will focus on a pair of Boston-based detectives, investigating the city’s critical baby shortage (and, presumably, other such drama-charged, accent-heavy cases as come across their desks.)

The project comes courtesy of Robert Levine, co-creator of Starz’s long-running pirate drama Black Sails. Gone Baby Gone is just the latest film-to-TV adaptation to hit the potential schedule of late; presumably, Fox higher-ups are hoping that Lehane’s noir sensibilities will drop another Fargo into their laps.


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