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UPDATE: Heather Heyer's mother to present award at the MTV Video Music Awards

(Photo: Getty Images, Andrew Shurtleff—Pool)

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards will have a new category called Best Fight Against The System that is dedicated to socially conscious or politically motivated music—the likely winner this year being “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)” from The Hamilton Mixtape. Rather than just a way to cash in on the hot trend of political activism, though, it seems like MTV is actually trying to use the award to shine a light on big issues. That’s because, as reported by People, this inaugural Best Fight Against The System award will be presented by Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer.

For anyone who is Donald Trump and doesn’t recognize the name, Heather Heyer was the protestor who was murdered by a white nationalist in Charlottesville a little more than two weeks ago, and her mother has released a statement saying that she is committed to “making her death count.” People has a story about why Bro decided to start the Heather Heyer Foundation, an organization that will provide scholarships to young people who are “passionate about positive social change,” and she said she’s going to use her MTV appearance to promote the foundation and the work she hopes to do in her daughter’s name.


UPDATE: During the broadcast, Susan Bro not only appeared onstage, but she was actually introduced by a descendent of Robert E. Lee who referred to racism as America’s “original sin” and highlighted the importance of standing up to it. After that, Bro announced the launch of the Heather Heyer Foundation and revealed that MTV would be giving the Best Fight Against The System award to all of the nominees, and Bro offered a congratulations to each one.

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