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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Here’s the weird-ass first trailer for Michael Jackson's Halloween special

We haven’t had a good animated Halloween special in a while, but with Michael Jackson’s Halloween on the horizon, it actually looks like things will stay that way. The late pop icon’s estate first announced the special over the summer, which was teased as the animated adventures of two millennials (voiced by Kiersey Clemons and Lucas Till) who meet on Halloween night and end up dancing with Jackson by the end.


The first trailer for the special is certainly full of Halloween imagery like a monkey concierge (Brad Garrett), a psychiatrist, maybe? (Christine Baranski), a witch, we think (Lucy Liu), Admiral Spider (Alan Cumming), and a lanky jack-o-lantern (Jim Parsons). The only thing that’s missing is the Thriller artist, who only shows off a sparkly-gloved hand. Otherwise, this is definitely a Halloween special featuring Michael Jackson’s music, so they got that part right. Seriously, who needs Stranger Things?

Michael Jackson’s Halloween premieres Friday, October 27 on CBS.

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