Last year, we shared a trailer for Tulip Fever, a movie about the blooming tulip bulb market in 17th-century Amsterdam that looked a fair bit saucier than that description might imply, but its 2016 release date came and went without any Tulip Fever. There were some screenings after that and star Alicia Vikander did some press, but still no Tulip Fever. Pajiba believes the delay is either because the movie is awful or because The Weinstein Company didn’t have quite enough money to pay for distribution, but we don’t know which of those theories is correct. Either way, the movie now has a new red band trailer, and with that trailer it also has a new and supposedly final release date.

Tulip Fever stars Christoph Waltz and Dane DeHaan in addition to Vikander, and it will be released on September 1 (unless that doesn’t happen).