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Hugh Grant used to pretend to be his own agent, very badly

More than 20 years removed from all that unsavoriness from the mid-90s, actor Hugh Grant has more or less transformed back into the charming British gentleman we all thought he was. Just see the above interview with Graham Norton, which finds Grant detailing with no shortage of approachable elegance his story of unsatisfactorily serving as his own agent.

Much of his story, however, centers around his previous agent, whom he had to let go after “seeing his anus.” The gentleman used Grant’s shower, and Grant simply couldn’t get over the fact that this dude was washing himself while down on all fours (which, granted, does sound like some Buffalo Bill shit). In that agent’s absence, Grant took on the persona of James Havilli, a gambit that worked out just fine until someone needed to get him on the phone. He brought Mr. Havilli to life using what he describes as a “genteel Edinburgh old lady.” Consider it your daily reminder that Hugh Grant is a weird person.


The best part of the above video, assuming you weren’t watching the full show, is the sudden reveal that Jason Momoa is there. Grant and Momoa may as well be different species.

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