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Inhale a few more pre-release info crumbs from this Last Jedi fight-training video

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be out very soon, like a week and a half soon. If that still seems like an interminable wait, don’t worry: Tiny dollops of information continue to be scooped out from the production for eager Jedi to gobble up in the meantime.


The latest crumbs swept from Lucasfilm’s dinner table show The Last Jedi’s cast preparing for the lightsaber duals and punch-ups sure to serve as imagination-igniting playground fodder for an entire generation of kids. They also, it must be said, reveal a bit of plot detail that those who wish to enter the theater with the pure, untainted mind of a celibate Yoda may wish to avoid.

The rest of us can enjoy a short clip showing actors like Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Kelly Marie Tran, and Adam Driver working on fight choreography in decidedly non-flashy sweatpants and tank tops. We recommended it, assuming you don’t mind seeing a few shots of who will be fighting who in The Last Jedi.

There’s a simple joy to the seriousness of these actors gritting their teeth while whirling around with prop swords, knowing that only their celebrity separates them from the unjust fate of the good-hearted, rudely maligned Star Wars Kid. Were the odds evened by a better trainer and a few more hours working with a talented director, who’s to say that there’s any difference between a hard-working Rey and the internet’s favorite khaki-wearing Star Warrior to be?

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