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It's 3 p.m., let's watch Will Ferrell riff about his "plums" forever on Eastbound & Down

It’s 3 p.m.! Let The A.V. Club briefly make use of the waning hours of your productivity with some pop culture ephemera pulled from the depths of YouTube.


Will Ferrell is inextricable from Eastbound & Down, not only serving as its executive producer but also occasional antagonist Ashley Schaeffer. In the first season, he delivers a prolonged monologue that, even for the show on which it aired, is uniquely, delightfully perverse. But the outtakes sell it even more, showing just how on-point Ferrell was that day, apparently alive with inspiration off the prompt, “Describe your balls as if they were plums.” As always with Ferrell, it’s the specificity that does it—children wanting to trade Twinkies in particular for his “ripe plums,” and, later, the way he names his wife (Donna) and son (Gabriel). Craig Robinson cannot take it.

Still feeling it, and vaguely in character, he and Robinson filmed an entire separate video for “Bat Fight,” an soulful blues-rock cut about two men fighting each other with bats:

Then Craig Robinson beats him to death with a bat. What a day!

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.