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Kevin Feige really thinks Kevin Feige should make an all-female superhero movie

(Photo: Getty Images for Disney, Rich Polk)

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has always been a strong advocate for having more lead characters in superhero movies who are women. He spent years talking about a Captain Marvel movie before making one and has spent even more years discussing how much he’d like to give Black Widow her own movie, but his attempts to introduce more equality in superhero movies have consistently been shut down by dastardly Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, a guy who has the power to make female-led superhero movies but doesn’t. One is the good Kevin Feige, the other is the bad Kevin Feige.

Recently, at a press conference for Thor: Ragnarok, the good Kevin Feige revealed that he hopes to eventually make a superhero team-up movie with a bunch of women, with Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson originally pitching the idea. This comes from io9, which says Thompson and “several other actresses” who have been in these Marvel movies met up with Feige at some event and told him they want a movie with “all of” the female superheroes. He told them he’d do it, and at the Ragnarok press conference Thompson referenced the Lady Liberators, a 1970s superhero team from Marvel that Feige had to admit was a “deep cut.”


It’s too early to say how the bad Kevin Feige will mess this up, but he’s probably at the Marvel Studios offices right now coming up with a way to avoid actually making an all-female superhero team-up movie.

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