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Kid Rock has donated money raised during his fake Senate run to a conservative voters group

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

After months of disingenuously building a pro-black, anti-single mom platform, Kid Rock finally gave up the ship late last year and told Howard Stern that his Senate run was just a joke. The erstwhile Robert Ritchie seems to be the only one who actually found the whole thing funny, because right-wingers who were previously unfamiliar with “Bawitdaba” totally dug his Confederate flag aesthetic and were ready to back him, while every reasonable person had to stifle a knee-jerk dismissal of his candidacy because look at who’s in the White House.

So, despite his best efforts, Rock’s interest in holding public office was taken seriously—so much so that his campaign raised $122,000 from the sales of “Kid Rock For Senate” merchandise, which somehow did not include custom beer koozies. Rather than spend that money on an exploratory committee that would have probably been tasked with figuring out what the Senate is, The Detroit News reports that the singer/tailgater is donating the proceeds to CRNC Action, a conservative voter-registration group affiliated with the College Republicans. That group is familiar with Rock’s milieu, having attended his shows to register voters.


Rock’s tour, meanwhile, is still on, though he can no longer refer to it as “The Greatest Show On Earth,” for reasons both obvious and circus based.

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