Photo: John M. Heller/Getty Images

Despite their importance in maintaining the local Real Housewives economy, as The Hollywood Reporter explains, not all the members of L.A.’s glitterati are pleased to have bus tours driving through their neighborhood loudly pointing out their exact address several times daily. Aside from the obvious annoyance of listening to someone reading your IMDb credits over a loudspeaker while you’re trying to juice kale or practice tantric sex techniques or whatever celebrities do at home, measures approved by the L.A. City Council in November that went into effect as of January 1 cite the traffic-clogging menace posed by “homes of the stars” tour buses as they wind their way through the narrow, hilly streets of L.A.’s more upscale neighborhoods. As a result, tour bus operators can no longer use loudspeakers, and the buses themselves are now restricted in which streets they can traverse in the name of celebrity rubbernecking.

There’s also the threat of targeted burglaries or unhinged stalkers getting celebrities’ home addresses from the tours, as Anastasia Mann, president of the Hollywood Hills Neighborhood Council, points out. Even worse, she says, sometimes celebrity home tours give out inaccurate information, forcing fabulously wealthy private citizens to deal with chattering throngs of plebeian starfuckers gathered outside their residences at all hours of the day and night. “People that are psychotic about a certain celebrity can get information from these tours, seeking that person out and they don’t even live there,” she says. “It’s a continual problem.”