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(Photo: Getty Images, Alberto E. Rodriguez)

Citing “severe physical pain,” Lady Gaga has decided to postpone her upcoming European tour so she can talk to doctors and try to figure out why she’s suddenly suffering through what must be some pretty awful stuff. This comes from Live Nation (via Variety), which has shared a statement from Gaga’s people that says this pain has “impacted her ability to perform,” so doctors suggested that she put her tour on hold while she heals “from this and past trauams that still affect her daily life.”

Gaga has also shared an Instagram with some more of her thoughts, noting that she’s “always been honest” about her “physical and mental health struggles.” As the Variety story notes, the Netflix documentary Five Foot Twowhich comes to the streaming service later this month—will touch on her chronic health issues.


At this point, the European tour dates have no been rescheduled yet.

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