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Back in 2012, Donald Trump posted a video online criticizing Sacha Baron Cohen for dumping “ashes” on Ryan Seacrest during a prank on the Oscars red carpet. The then-real estate mogul and professional blowhard called the comedian a “third-rate character” who he wishes would have been “punched in the face so many times he’d be in the hospital.” Trump ended these bizarre comments no one asked for by advising Cohen to “go to school” and “learn about being funny.” Well, it seems Sacha Baron Cohen is finally taking Trump’s advice.


Yesterday, in a video that uses clips from that 2012 address, Cohen teased an upcoming project with the words, “Sacha Graduates Soon” followed by the Trump University logo. So far, there are no further details on the project, except that Cohen will be back “as you’ve never seen him before.” This could imply that he’ll be playing some as-yet unseen character or—since he’s always performing behind a mask or dialect of some kind—maybe he’s going to be himself for once. Either way, it seems Cohen may be returning to the kind of mockumentary satire fans haven’t seen since Borat and Da Ali G Show.

Also of note is the fact that Cohen’s Twitter avatar and header image currently feature his character Borat, which could hint at the return of his iconic character in this upcoming project. But since his Twitter activity is virtually nonexistent, the presence of these images may be meaningless.

Cohen’s tumultuous relationship with the president actually dates back to 2003, when Trump appeared on Da Ali G Show and was asked by Cohen’s wannabe rapper character to invest in something called “ice cream gloves.” Trump later bragged that he immediately walked out of the interview because he “never falls for scams.” Cohen, in turn, called bullshit saying that Trump was there for “about seven minutes” which is “quite a long time” for an Ali G interview. Needless to say, the two have history. We’ll just have to wait and see how this new chapter unfolds on the campus of one of Trump’s fraudulent, for-profit universities.

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