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Michael Bay has already proven that he’s extremely good at translating beloved cartoons into virtually unrecognizable movies, and since he’s already worked his magic with Transformers and those Ninja Turtles films he produced, Bay has now set his sights on disappointing a slightly younger generation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bay and his Platinum Dunes production company are going to produce an adaptation of Dora The Explorer, the classic Nickelodeon kids’ show that rarely featured explosions, lavishly shot military hardware, or Megan Fox—though there was at least a fox.

This totally radical, jacked-up version of Dora will be written by Neighbors and The Muppets writer/director Nick Stoller, and it’ll be a live-action film that revolves around a teenage Dora who moves to the city to live with her cousin Diego. There’s no word on if this cool-as-shit update will feature a talking backpack, a monkey with boots on, or a helpful map, but it’ll definitely at least have ironic, self-referential jokes about that stuff.


A previous Dora adaptation was in the works a few years ago, but that one didn’t sound nearly as awesome as this one.

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