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Photo: Netflix, Mike Yarish

Though it’s bleeding content, raising prices, and getting called out for paying some comedians a lot less than other comedians, everything still seems to be going just fine over at Netflix. That’s because it has settled into a surprisingly reliable groove of making semi-terrible original shows and movies that it can distract people with in between the high-profile and expensive stuff like Stranger Things or the Marvel shows. Netflix has already fast-tracked a sequel to Bright, a movie that it promises is your favorite, and now TVLine says that it has picked up sitcom revival Fuller House for a fourth season.

Supposedly, the new season will involve Kimmy being a surrogate for Stephanie and more members of the old Full House gang—specifically Danny, Jesse, Becky, and Joey—moving back to San Francisco. You may not think you care about any of that, but just imagine how comforting it’ll be to put on season four of Fuller House after you accept that there’s nothing left on Netflix to stream other than it and Bright.


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