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New FCC rules mean one company can now own all the media in your town

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (Photo: Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla)

Today in news that is definitely good because there are no longer any competitors around to say otherwise, Variety is reporting that the FCC has decided to ease back on some media ownership regulations. Essentially, the FCC has made it possible for one company to control a newspaper and multiple TV networks in a single area, all without even needing to hold a “main studio” in the coverage area. This is being done with the usual bullshit about how regulations should be changed to match the current “media marketplace,” but it will also make it easier for big media companies to merge together and consolidate their holdings, which will in turn make it easier for one or two companies to control basically all local TV stations and newspapers. In other words, welcome to Trump’s America.

This is all especially worrying when taken into account with a possible merger between Tribune Media and right-wing bullshit factory Sinclair, which would cover 72 percent of the country if it were to happen. Naturally, Sinclair has been overwhelmingly supportive of the Trump administration, and since these rules would significantly extend its reach, critics are correctly pointing out that this all seems like a very bad idea. One Democratic member of the FCC even said the rule change seemed specifically designed to “grease the skids” for Sinclair.


Thankfully, Variety notes that these new rules “may be challenged in court,” so there will still be some fighting before this goes into effect.

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