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New rom-com The Stand-In will have twice the Drew Barrymore

(Photos: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

In 1993, just a year after Poison Ivy was loosed upon the world, Drew Barrymore starred in a supernatural thriller titled Doppelganger, in which she played a shy, possibly unhinged woman who thinks she’s being stalked by a doppelganger who wants to steal her life. George Newbern co-stars as her roommate, a hapless guy wondering what he got himself into after Father Of The Bride. This scenario has all kinds of shocking and sexy results, but by the end, there’s only one Drew Barrymore, which is one Drew Barrymore too few.

But the Flower Films founder is finally ready to address the limited number of Drew Barrymores on screen. She’s signed on to play both a washed-up actress and the stand-in said character hires to fill in for her in virtually all aspects of her life. Eventually, the stand-in, a woman who once “adored” the actress, kicks her boss out of their(?) life because she’s the one doing all the work and the sleeping with the boyfriend. The press release tells us that the guy eventually discovers the truth and also confirms that yes, this is a new romantic comedy and not just an inverted remake of Doppelganger. There’s even a new helmer, Jamie Babbit, directing from a script by BAFTA winner Sam Bain. No word on if either of them has seen Doppelganger, but we presume they agree with us on the need for doubling up on the Drew Barrymores in movies.


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