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Patrick Stewart would play Picard again, but only for Tarantino

(Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

The news that Quentin Tarantino is developing a Star Trek film was met with a fair amount of skepticism and early script suggestions (“Revenge is a Royale with cheese best served cold,” etc.). But there’s at least one person who’s ready to beam aboard: Patrick Stewart.

The erstwhile Jean-Luc Picard tells The Hollywood Reporter he’d sit in the captain’s chair again for Tarantino’s take on Trek. Usually, Stewart says, when “people are always saying to me, ‘Will you be Jean-Luc Picard again?’,” he doesn’t think “that would be possible, but there are ways in which something like that might come about.” But the chance to work with Tarantino is enough to lure him back to the bridge: “...One of my dreams is to work with Tarantino. I admire his work so much and to be in a Tarantino film would give me so much satisfaction. So, if he is going to direct something to do with Star Trek and there was the possibility of dear old Jean-Luc showing up again and doing that for Mr Tarantino, I would embrace it,” Stewart tells THR.

Stewart’s a big fan of Tarantino’s films, it seems, and he thinks a new Star Trek chapter would benefit from his direction: “I also love his sense of humor as a filmmaker. So yes, he would be my first choice.” Now, the Kill Bill director isn’t writing the script, but the R-rating means they should be able to describe Picard as a “sexy motherfucker” at some point.


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