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(Screenshot: Netflix)

We’ve been enjoying David Fincher and Joe Penhall’s Mindhunter a lot lately—give or take some arguments about Carrie Coon and Fringe favorite Anna Torv—but we have to admit that the show’s theme song leaves a little bit to be desired. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it; it’s just the kind of dull, vaguely atmospheric instrumental that flows right back out of your head the second that it’s over.


Luckily, A.V. Club favorite Paul F. Tompkins is here to spice things up; earlier today, the stand-up, Spontaneanation host, and BoJack Horseman star treated fans to his “rejected” version of the Mindhunter theme. It’s hard to deny that it’s an improvement over the old version; if nothing else, it’d keep us away from that “Skip Intro” button for a few episodes more.

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