Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If you tuned into 60 Minutes’ interview with former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon last night, you witnessed something galling in its mendacity, a savage display of contempt for our ideals and attacks on the color of a person’s skin that no doubt left you feeling utterly repulsed. But take heart: As photographer Peter Duke shows us, that was all just liberal media spin, as CBS conspired to make Steve Bannon look kind of gross.

In a video explainer titled “60 Minutes & CBS want you to think Steve Bannon is a red-eyed monster,” Duke lays out how the network used deceitful color adjustments to take Bannon—celebrated for his economically nationalist alabaster skin and eyes like clear Colorado streams alive with clean coal-eating fish—and try to make him resemble a bloodshot golem who’d just crawled from a bog filled with vodka and cigars. It was all nothing more than a desperate attempt to cover up Steve Bannon’s allure—a flailing attempt to somehow make the Breitbart chairman seem off-putting.

Duke, who The Gateway Pundit notes has photographed other conservative heartthrobs like “Milo Yiannopoulos, Scott Adams, and James O’Keefe,” reveals exactly how these lying producers increased the level of saturation to leave Bannon’s eyes and lips looking slightly redder. By comparing the color of the drapes in the background of shots focused on Bannon with those featuring host Charlie Rose, Duke determined that the curtains looked far more “orange” in Bannon’s scenes compared to the “cooler” grading on Rose—which means CBS was clearly, subliminally trying to suggest Bannon is filled with hate and alcohol to distract from his ideas.


“It seems like 60 Minutes would like you to listen less and look more at Steve Bannon. By subtly tweaking the color of the video, they make him look like a bleary-eyed drunk,” Duke says of this shameful attempt to paint Steve Bannon as unhealthy, making him look like America’s swollen, cirrhotic liver, choking on the accumulated bile of years of flame wars and embarrassing airport bar blackouts. “Steve doesn’t look like the monster they want you to think that he is,” Duke concludes of the man who once gloated that he “can’t get enough” of protesters and white supremacists fighting in the streets, while looking exactly like Robert Redford. (The young, hot Robert Redford, not the one God color-corrected.)

As Duke shows, CBS’ craven attempt to create the misleading impression that Steve Bannon looks like all of America’s racist uncles have been teleported into one writhing, Cronenbergian flesh-sack where they duke it out over who gets to hold the Hustler is nothing but a petty attack on superficial appearances, one CBS was clearly hoping would detract from Bannon’s words about deporting Mexicans that dripped like honey from Bannon’s naturally smooth lavender lips. And it’s not just CBS! As Ann Coulter pointed out on Twitter, “Networks do this a lot. That’s why conservatives seem to look so much better on Fox News,” the only place where Ann Coulter is allowed to appear as though she has skin.


Duke didn’t even touch on CBS’s other most obvious deception, when it somehow made the side of Bannon’s face pulsate like he was clamping his jaws with cocaine force on a rat trying to escape his body, when it was really just the beating heart of America.

60 Minutes has yet to be canceled.