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Back in June, we reported on a legal case won by Australian actress Rebel Wilson, who successfully sued Australia magazine publisher Bauer Media for defaming her by reporting that she’d lied about a number of matters of her personal life, including her age. (To the point that people began turning to official government documents in order to suss out the truth.) Now, a judge has issued damages in the case, awarding Wilson $3.66 million, which is apparently four times higher than any other award for a defamation case in Australian legal history.

In the past, Wilson has said she’d donate any damages from the case—linked to claims that articles like Woman’s Day’s “Separating fact from fiction: Will the real Rebel Wilson please stand up?” had damaged her career and caused her to lose contracts and parts—to “a charity, scholarship or invested into the Australian film industry.” (Per The Hollywood Reporter, she’s yet to be reached for comment about today’s decision.)


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