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According to The Hollywood Reporter, KJ Apa was in a car crash after wrapping a 16-hour day on the set of The CW’s Riverdale, in which he stars as all-American teen Archie Andrews. Apa had apparently tried to drive home after a long day of shooting, but crashed his car into a lightpole after falling asleep at the wheel. He was treated at a Vancouver hospital, but doesn’t seem to have sustained any serious injuries.

Deadline reports that the show is still moving forward with production, but Apa’s co-stars aren’t going to let the matter just slide. The actor’s accident has sparked talk about safety protections for the cast, who frequently shoot late into the night. Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead, is calling on producers to provide transportation for the cast, who have grown really close since joining the CW’s surprise hit series. A source familiar with the production and accident tells THR “they’re working these kids from morning until night,” before adding a very Riverdale-esque “someone’s going to die.”


THR writes that no one at the studio will confirm that a discussion about transportation is happening, but they did say that actors can stay in nearby hotels or call for a cab on the company dime if they do work late. But Apa’s accident joins a growing list of concerns about on-set safety measures—earlier this year, a stuntperson died after being injured on the set of The Walking Dead, while a stuntperson died in a motorcycle accident on the set of Deadpool 2.

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