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After exposing all of our innocent eyes to a (rather tame) depiction of oral sex on a poster, Kevin Smith probably thought that once he changed the poster, the Zach & Miri Make A Porno controversy/publicity would be over.

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But when you make a movie with the word "porno" in the title, lucky for Kevin Smith, the controversy never ends! For example, did you know that apparently Zack & Miri Make A Porno ruined the good-old, all-American, family-friendly game of baseball forever with its disgusting, filthy title? It's true (according to one over-zealous parent):

From The AP:

Commercials for the film during Los Angeles Dodgers games on Fox Sports were dropped at the team's request after some viewers complained, said Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch.

One complaint came from a man watching a game in September with his young son, who did not understand a suicide-squeeze bunt the Dodgers tried, Rawitch said. "He was explaining to his son what a squeeze bunt was. Commercial break, the ad comes on, and the kid asks, `Dad, what does porno mean?'" Rawitch said. "Dodgers baseball has always been about family, and we've always been sensitive to the type of advertising that runs on our games."


How dare Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, and Kevin Smith force a father and son to have an uncomfortable conversation so that they can advertise their silly little comedy? And when the father was merely trying to have a nice, wholesome conversation with his young son about a baseball term named for its resemblance to the often violent act of killing oneself. Have they no shame? What's next? Zack & Miri Make A Do You Know What Pubic Hair Is?

A more family-friendly title for the movie would be Zack & Miri Make A Movie For Grown-Ups Please Don't Ask, or Zack & Miri Make An I'll Tell You When You're Older, or, of course, Zack & Miri Make A Cover Your Eyes & Ears Now.

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