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If every day is like Sunday, that might explain why Morrissey plays so few shows, despite being on tour and all. The mopey troubadour’s latest absentee antics played out in California, as Slicing Up Eyeballs reports Moz’s Paso Robles concert was postponed due to those chilly 40-degree temps—never mind that that figure, which represents the low temp in Paso Robles that night, makes for a pleasant November day just about anywhere in the country. But these were truly extenuating circumstances. Apparently, the onstage heater broke, and because wearing anything heavier than a velvet blazer and opened-to-the-waist button down would have presumably messed with his vibe, the Manchester native declined to venture out on stage. It went over about as well as expected, despite the fact that fans have to be used to this shit by now:


It’s a good thing so many of his upcoming dates are at indoor venues, otherwise the whole tour might be derailed.

[via Stereogum]

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