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Steven Spielberg is actually working on both Indiana Jones 5 and West Side Story now

(Photo: Getty Images, Tristan Fewings)

Last week, we reported that Steven Spielberg’s next project might either be the long-dreaded Indiana Jones 5 or a remake of West Side Story (which is apparently something he’s wanted to do for a long time). Now, sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s actually developing both movies at once, with Spielberg conducting an extensive casting search for West Side Story while he works up the nerve to return to Indiana Jones 5. The casting for West Side Story sounds like it’s very important to Spielberg, with Broadway World reporting that he’s specifically looking for actors who can sing and speak Spanish—which THR notes is an implication that he’s actually looking for a more “ethnically authentic” cast than the 1961 film.

As for Indy 5, THR implies that Spielberg still isn’t extremely committed to it, as “insiders” believe he could delay it if some other project that is “small-ish in scale” catches his eye.


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