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The actual happiest person last night was Keegan-Michael Key

Photo: Paras Griffin (Getty Images)

It’s hard to imagine anyone happier than Jordan Peele after last night’s Oscars. His script for Get Out, a movie he said he stopped writing about 20 times because he thought it “wasn’t going to work,” won the award for Best Original Screenplay, making Peele the first black filmmaker to receive that honor. But, after reviewing some photo evidence recovered during the ceremony, we’ve determined that the actual happiest person right now is Peele’s longtime friend and writing partner Keegan-Michael Key.


At the moment Jordan Peele’s name was announced, Keegan-Michael Key was at a nearby watch party absolutely exploding with joy, standing on a chair with his arms raised in triumph. Later, Key posted a picture of himself grinning ear-to-ear during Peele’s acceptance speech saying, “Congrats to my partner in laughs Jordan Peele on his first Oscar.” The specification of first means that Key, like every else, knows this likely won’t be Jordan Peele’s last time on the Dolby Theatre stage. Actor Colin Hanks appears in both photos in a supporting role.

Naturally, everyone on Twitter who saw this touching moment between two friends, co-stars, and creative partners knew it was the perfect excuse to post their favorite Key & Peele GIFs. It’s both a tribute to how impactful this duo has been over the years and how damn funny that show was. It is one of the best and most appropriate uses of reaction GIFs imaginable.


It’s nice to see work friends celebrate each other’s success, isn’t it?

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