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The author of "Cat Person" just signed a 7-figure book deal

(Photo: Danny Martindale/Getty ImageS)

In a move that both highlights the viral potency of her now-signature short story—and will likely cause the heads of its harshest critics to summarily implode—The Associated Press is reporting that Kristen Roupenian, the author of New Yorker sensation “Cat Person,” has signed a book deal that’s estimated to be worth something on the order of a million dollars.

Roupenian’s story of bad sex, awkward flirtation, and curdled masculinity became an internet sensation last week, powered at least in part by the usual wave of defensive “not all men”-ism that meets any even halfway critical depiction of emotionally stunted dudes. Now, Simon & Schuster’s Scout Press imprint will attempt to capitalize on that heat; they’ve signed Roupenian to a two-book deal, including a short story collection, You Know You Want This, and an unnamed novel. You Know You Want This is scheduled for a spring 2019 release.


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