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The CW picks an even more extreme title for its "extreme musical chairs" show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As first reported back in September, The CW is hoping to begin attracting more man-folk with shows featuring more manly things that men like, besides drinking lots of cough syrup and watching One Tree Hill, which is why it began developing a show based on that most masculine of pastimes: musical chairs. When it was first being developed, the series bore the title Extreme Musical Chairs—a name which should be read aloud while the Blue Angels fly in screaming formation overhead and Steve Vai plays a nine-minute guitar solo, and which properly conveys how it is not the variety of musical chairs enjoyed at church picnics and by wan, sickly children who can’t play real sports. Rather, these musical chairs are extremely set in an extreme obstacle course, which contestants must race through to claim a chair before an extreme, extremely live band stops playing. But because the name Extreme Musical Chairs is silly, The CW has changed it to Oh Sit!* The show that is now called Oh Sit! and still involves adults playing an extreme version of musical chairs is set to debut later this year on The CW, where its combination of probable crotch injuries and constant shit puns will allow men to at last be men.

*This title resembles the expression "Oh Shit!"